• Custom Flow Bench
  • Custom Flow Bench
  • Custom Flow Bench
  • Custom Flow Bench
  • Custom Flow Bench

Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

Our laminar flow benches are designed with your needs in mind.  They can be customized in any way you choose.  Our standard bench is as follows:

  • Laminate with rolled edge
  • White on white unless specified
  • Built in fluorescent light
  • HEPA filter (.3 Micron)
  • 110 Volt
  • Comes with 15 amp power strip
  • Back panel is powder coated metal.  Perfect for mounting flat panel displays.
  • Side panels are clear 1/4 inch acrylic.
  • Ten inch sneeze guard comes standard (additional available upon request).
  • Independent light motor switches and variable fan control.
Nominal 4 ft. bench measures 52 inches wide by 32 inches deep.
Nominal 6 ft. bench measures 76 inches wide by 32 inches deep.
We can do a 36 inch deep work surface upon request.  This would make the overall depth 38 inches nominal.
From floor to top of work surface is 30 inches
From work surface to filter is 30 inches
From bottom of filter to top is approximately 15 inches
These measurements can be modified by request.
Some custom options include: 
  • Adjustable leg inserts.  These modify bench heights in 6 inch increments 
  • ESD laminate top
  • Stainless Steel top (We can also do stainless steel legs for an additional fee)
  • Ionization option for 4 ft. bench.and 6 ft. Simco-Ion CR2000 blower comes installed. $1045  8 ft. bench with 2 overhead blowers. $2090
  • Locking Swivel Casters $250
  • ESD Locking Swivel Casters $325 (2 options, same price)