Tronex 5112 ESD-Safe Oval Head Cutter, Flush Cut, Cushion Grips, 35-16 AWG

Tronex 5112
• Cut soft wire up to 16 AWG
• Flush cut

Hardened steel tool, rugged and precise, has an oval head that can easily reach into difficult-to-access areas readily cutting soft wires up to 16 AWG. Precision ground cutting edges and fine set-screw-stop prevent sharp edges from dulling even when strong cutting force is applied. Make crisp cuts with the tip and anywhere along the cutting edge. 

Recommended Applications
• Electronics
• Jewelry Making

Tronex 5112 Features
• Flush cut for general purpose cutting
• Precision ground for a sharper cutting edge
• Fine, set screw stop keeps the cutting edge from dulling
• ESD safe
• Non-protruding leaf spring will not "catch"
• Blue, anti static, cushion grips
• Glare resistant, satin finish
• Resharpening available

Tronex 5112 Specifications
• Cutting capacity: soft wire 35 - 16 AWG . 006" x .049" (0.15mm - 1.25mm)
• Overall length: 5" 
• Option: Longer, ergonomic handle 7" (Part No. 7112)