We pride ourselves on marketing great technology with industry leading features and performance to make our customers more competitive and productive. Here are just a few of TechNiGlove's market innovations:

  • We pioneered the development of color-coded nitrile gloves for zoned critical environments
  • We introduced the TechNiPack, the first 100 percent plastic dispenser box to replace dirty paper dispensers and hard to handle plastic bags
  • Responding to ISO 14000 product life cycle concerns for reduced packaging, we developed the large-capacity, refillable TechNiTote.

Quality is everything to companies operating in contamination controlled work environments...quality of product, quality of performance. That is why we are a vertically integrated producer, marketer, and distributor of critical environment gloves. We remain poised for rapid growth and focus on our relationship with our manufacturing partner to keep our high quality edge in the marketplace.